We have worked in the hotel business since 1987 in the UK as well as internationally in Zimbabwe and Botswana, and owned our own small hotel for the twenty years prior to 2015. It was during this period that we became aware of the need to constantly keep training our employees.
We apporoached trainers and engaged them on occasions only to find that despite the astronomical cost, their effectiveness was very short-lived.
It was because of this that we decided that we would attempt to conduct all of our own training. After searching the internet, we could not find any ready-made training materials. There were distance-learning courses, the occassional on-line course, for individuals, but nothing that was off-the-shelf ready to go for group training. So we researched, educated ourselves, and created our own training material to present to our staff. Over the years we tweaked our methodology and came up with a formula that made our courses extremely effective.
The results were fantastic. Productivity increased, staff morale was sent sky high, and also, in parallel, profitability followed.
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Eventually we decided to bid farewell to the hotel sector and embrace DIY training full time, developing the tools and resources for companies to do all of their training in-house. 

We are now dedicating our time to helping companies and businesses like yours achieve what they thought was never possible. We are proud of what we have produced, and will be happy to assist should you have any questions or comments. Contact us here, we look forward to hearing from you.


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