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We have included all that you will need to pass on effective, long lasting training that will get you noticeable results instantly. We cover all of the fundamentals of customer service, but we delve deeper than that and also try to pinpoint problem areas within the organisation that may be hindering this provision. Are there bottlenecks in service delivery? Are there reliability issues? There are areas within the training where your employees will be asked to come up with their own honest thoughts on where service problems lie and how they can be solved. It is for this reason that we highly recommend that this training be offered to all employees, wherever they work within the organisation. It is great for morale and reinforces the message that everyone has a role to play, and each team member has to be consistently on top of their game in order to not let the team down.  You will discover that they will be happy to be involved in this improvement planning and will give invaluable input. As they are the ones that will have to implement these solutions  you will find a marked, long-term improvement in the service you offer as each one comes up with an action list of what they each will do going forward. You really will be amazed by the effect it has on your employees and your business.
Our presentation, Customer Service Matters, is packed with high impact slides to maximize stimulation within your workforce. Each slide incorporates high quality graphics to further illustrate the points being discussed, whilst our embedded explainer videos add clarity to key concepts.
The content covers all aspects of customer service including:

-Why customer service is important
-Dissatisfaction and its causes
-The foundations of great customer service;- Communication, Care,
Competence, Consistency and Commitment
-Assessment and Action plans

Also included are entry puzzles and ice-breakers to set the mood and encourage participation which will be expected from delegates throughout the course.   

At the conclusion you can expect your employees to have a full understanding of what they need to do in order to provide great customer service, they will each have a specific list of actions they need to take in order to achieve it, and they will leave feeling highly motivated and energized for the task ahead.

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