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Why DIY?
There are several reasons as to why you would prefer to conduct your own training rather than employ external trainers.

                                           You know your company, your employees and your customers better than anyone else. You know your company's weak areas and are therefore perfectly placed to add your priceless insider knowledge to the education of your employees. 
                           Conducting your own training has been shown to be much more effective in achieving its goal, and also lasts far longer than other methods of training. Firstly the use of inside knowledge enables you to focus on key areas and delve deeper into the company culture to iron out niggles. Secondly as you will still be a part of the business going forward, you are able to monitor, assess, motivate and supervise your employees. These are seldom achieved by external trainers.
                           The cost of hiring a trainer can be prohibitive. Whilst developing and compiling your own material will be very expensive and time consuming, using materials such as ours will cost you a fraction of the price of one day's external training.

                             Working together as a team to improve the service in your establishment, listening to employee ideas, grows mutual respect, resulting in fantastic morale within the group.
Once you are providing the best customer service possible and your customers are telling all of their friends about you, your next challenge will be to maintain the momentum. Regular training is recommended, at least once a year to keep them topped up on motivation. We have also got you covered on this front. Once we have you in our database, we will send you offers of refresher courses with a massive 60% discount for whichever ones you wish to purchase. That means you get exactly the same high quality training materials, exactly the same highly motivated, raring-to-go employees, at a fraction of our already low cost.
So there it is. The most effective way of training staff, the tools to do it, at a fantastic price, with a money back guarantee. Nothing to lose. Heaps to gain. Can you really afford not to give it a try? Get started.

At DIY In-House Training we have done all of the hard work of researching and developing our Customer Service Matters Toolkit so that all you have to do is present it. The presentation we provide you explains all the concepts of customer service and is structured to engage your employees to work together with you and amongst themselves to come up with an action plan of what each individual is going to do in order to achieve fantastic customer service. It covers all the basics of customer service in a bright and entertaining way with videos to assist with explaining certain concepts. We provide you with everything you will need; the presentation, your presenter notes to read, delegate handouts, a certificate template for you to print out and fill in for each delegate and our Present Like a Pro! tips and guidelines so you can be confident of getting the results you're looking for.
Customer Service Matters PPT Box and DVD
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                     Maintaining a high level of customer service needs constant reviewing. Have your employees understood what is expected of them after training? Are they performing to the desired standard? The general trend is for service levels to drop off within a few days of training, often retuning to pre-training levels within two to three weeks. By presenting your own training and being aware of this you are able to regularly measure your employee performance and  act accordingly to keep it at its peak.
It is also of great importance that training be done on a regular basis, at least once a year to freshen up, reinvigorate your staff and fine tune areas that may still need attention.